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Choice of home surveillance cameras


     We work outside every day. If there is no one in the house, we will feel uneasy because there are too many things in our house, especially some valuable things cannot be carried around. In order to be able to see the situation inside the house at any time, Many homes will install home monitoring equipment, so that it can play a certain monitoring role. The following editors will introduce to you three common types of home monitoring equipment. These three are used more often.

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Home surveillance camera

        The gun is a kind of camera, which is different from the gimbal. Generally, the gun cannot be controlled remotely. Once V is set, the remote control cannot be performed through the keyboard remote control. At present, the more advanced are infrared guns and pressure transmitters, that is, a circle of infrared lights is installed near the camera, so that video can be recorded even in the dark.

    The monitor is the standard output of the monitoring system. With the monitor we can view the images sent from the front end. The monitor is divided into color and black and white. The sizes are 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 21 inches, etc. The commonly used is 14 inches. The monitor also has a resolution of 111-11 cameras, which is expressed by the number of lines. In actual use, the number of lines of the monitor is generally required to match the camera. In addition, TVs with high-resolution differential pressure transmitters are now used to replace monitors.

    Home surveillance camera

    The gimbal is an installation platform composed of two Wenliu motors. The rotation and movement direction can be controlled remotely through a thermocouple control system. It is different from the concept of gimbals in photographic equipment. There are many types of control system's PTZ: divided into indoor type and outdoor type according to the use environment. The main difference is that the outdoor type has good sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof. The load is large; according to the installation method, it is divided into side mounting and hoisting. The gimbal is installed on the ceiling or on the end wall. According to its shape, it is divided into ordinary type and spherical type. The spherical type gimbal is placed in a hemispherical and spherical protective cover. In addition to preventing dust from interfering with the image, Hidden, close, and fast. Consider the thermal resistance installation environment, bimetal thermometer installation method, operating voltage, and load size when selecting the gimbal. Also consider factors such as performance-to-price ratio and aesthetic appearance.

    The above are the three types of home monitoring equipment that Xiaobian introduces to you. You can see there are three types of gimbals, guns and monitors. Of course, there are many other types. Let me introduce you one by one. One thing I want to say here is that there are many brands of home monitoring equipment in the market. You must choose a brand of word of mouth. In this way, the quality of home monitoring equipment will be better. Have a better effect.