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    Are you worried about your privacy being compromised?Video data information how to manage, by whom, can be unlimited access...Today we take you to the bottom of the mystery, exploring the safe way of wireless video surveillance.

   n fact, cloud security is an evolutionary history of transmission and data security.In the current mainstream cloud services, most third-party operators manage the transmission and build the cloud server base station.This security engineering business to the operator's trust, but also the user's trust in the engineering business.

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   Video monitoring information is managed through the operation of the cloud platform, which is the core of the whole cloud monitoring system. Some IT manufacturers spare no expense in equipment maintenance to improve system security.With the continuous improvement of monitoring technology and IT technology, cloud monitoring system is also improving.

   In terms of data backup and security, most cloud services provide data redundancy, even including data geographic redundancy, which is replicated in another physical location.Traditional security video storage only allows local monitoring data to be invoked, while the future architecture is on the cloud, so real-time access can be achieved.In the future, the combination of mobile phone remote monitoring is a major feature of cloud services.

Components of wireless video surveillance:


Wireless video monitoring system, is a simple and easy to use small remote digital monitoring system, and network camera supporting use, can use wired or wireless way to connect the network, easy to install and deploy, do not need the user additional configuration of special computer and video acquisition equipment.Users can use mobile phones or computers as monitoring terminal devices and can receive alarm information and view monitoring video anytime and anywhere.This system is stable, reliable, economical and practical, and can be used for fire prevention, security guards, personnel monitoring, remote management, especially for individuals, families, shops and other use.