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Precautions for home surveillance camera purchase


    Now online shopping is very convenient, home surveillance cameras can directly choose to buy online, such as Tmall, jd, etc.When so oneself buy, can encounter a problem, it is the choice of lens is how to do, below I give everybody popular say the optional match of lens.

Surveillance cameras

   First of all, you need to know by yourself the position of the home surveillance camera and the distance of the surveillance target, as well as the Angle you need to look at. In general, we are looking at the monitoring Angle of about 50 degrees, and the monitoring distance is also about 10 meters.If you're looking at a long distance, like a 50-meter channel, you're going to choose a camera with a larger lens, like a 16-millimeter lens, so you can see far away, and also if you're looking far away, you're going to see a smaller Angle.

   The important thing to remember is that the larger the lens, the farther away you can see, and the smaller the Angle.The smaller the lens, the closer the view, the greater the Angle.If you need to look at license plates and things like that with special surveillance cameras, it's a little bit more expensive.