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There is no sound from the surveillance camera


There is no sound from the surveillance camera

   Many friends found that after buying other miscellaneous surveillance cameras, there will be a situation when they use them for a period of time. That is, the app connected to the mobile phone can't realize two-way voice with the surveillance camera. How to deal with this problem in life?

Surveillance cameras

1) Check if there is any sound control on the surveillance camera, and if so, check if it is a misoperation

2) Check whether the sound button is turned off on the mobile app

  If it's just the above two misoperations, the user can open it directly. If there are no the above two situations, or there is no sound after following the treatment, the engineer editor of the camera manufacturer suggests that you uninstall the camera App on your mobile phone and download it again to connect to the camera, which can be solved in general.