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Home surveillance camera


 What kind of home surveillance camera do you use?Is it fixed or can you rotate it by hand?Can mobile phone remote monitoring or can only be connected to a fixed computer in the local view?Now the use of home surveillance cameras are mobile phone remote monitoring cameras.Small size, simple installation, mobile phone remote control rotation, 360-degree panoramic view, two-way voice intercom, night vision, movement detection is basically the standard functions of surveillance cameras, to meet the use needs of home or company.

surveillance cameras

2 million full HD pixels, 1920*1080 resolution, partial zoom picture is still clear, all the motion can be easily viewed.Is installation still so troublesome to choose the location?Do you still need a professional to operate it?You just need to choose one that is easily connected to a power source, shelved in a corner of your home or hung on a wall.Four 940NM infrared patch lamps are 7 meters effective, infrared night vision, night can be clear at a glance, the picture quality is still clear.

surveillance cameras

Omni-directional detection makes you more assured, every corner of the home want to see, one hand to grasp the heart to accept the fundus, peace of mind life, for abnormal invasion of the surveillance camera timely through SMS push and other timely notification of the user to do a good job in related processing.The upcoming May Day, many friends will choose to go out to play, home morning installation of a high-definition, 360 degree rotation of the surveillance camera, no matter how far you can clearly control all the dynamics of the home at any time.