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Live streaming computer camera


Simba, Li Jiachi in live with goods fire for a long time, a lot of friends are slowly learning live with goods, but small make up it seems that the key to live is the importance of equipment, then start from this camera.Computer camera main video anchor design, high quality transmission, high quality image smooth not stuck, to meet the needs of live, video various occasions of use.

HD computer camera

You are still looking for the driver. Are you having trouble installing the driver?This computer camera is drive-free, USB automatic recognition, high sensitivity, new upgrade features, plug and play, compatible with multiple mainstream systems.


Did you still have your headphones on during the video?Long term wearers can cause discomfort on both sides of the ear. This high-definition computer camera has an active noise-cancelling microphone that filters out ambient noise and provides high-fidelity audio.


HD computer camera support a variety of use, the bottom of the bracket installation hole, users can buy a three-legged bracket connected to the HD computer camera, to meet the different use and installation methods.High-definition computer camera is suitable for live broadcast, video, web celebrity live broadcast, online class and other use needs, with 3D image noise reduction beauty function, no matter when and where, is a high level of appearance, experience.